Xbox 360 Xex 1.4 Menu Loader Real Usb Jtag Hack

 What Needed:
1. Xbox 360/Slim Console
2. USB Flash Drive/Memory Stick (Atleast 1gb)
3. Pc/Laptop
4. Xex Menu Loader 1.4
5. Custom Game + Firmware Provided Below
6. Original Copy Of Game You Require For Mods

Howto Do:
1. Choose Your Xex Menu Loader and Game Below
2. Download To Your Desktop
3. Insert Formatted Usb Flash Drive To Pc/Laptop
4. Copy Xex Menu Loader And Game Firmware To Flash Drive
5. Insert FlashDrive Into Xbox360 Console And Navigate to your Flash Drive
6. Install Xex Menu 1.4 Loader and Game Firmware To Your Hard Drive
7. Choose Your Desired Game Mods and Click RUN GAME
8. Make Sure Original Game Disc Is Inserted Before Clicking RUN GAME.

or click on the image below